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    Established in 2005, Shanghai Dingzun Electric & Cable Co. , Ltd is located in Shanghai , PRC with 2000 m2 factory area. Company existing staff 100 people, including professional and technical personnel 15 people, with a mid-level employees more than 10 titles.
    As one of the leading cable and wire manufacturers in shanghai , Ding Zun specializes in High Temperature Resistance Teflon and Silicone Rubber Wire,High Temperature and High Voltage Resistance Teflon and Silicone Rubber Wire,High Frequency Signal Transmission Teflon Coaxial Cable.

    Our products have been accredited the UL,CE, CCC, UL and CCC certifications by reputable organizations in the world. In addition to the ISO9001:2008, Dingzun is committed to comply with relevant environmental legislation and get certification of ROHS. Ding Zun has equipped with advance wire manufacturing machines,accurate test and measure equipments comply with international standard. It also follows ISO9001 quality management system. Ding Zun has its own quality management team, a professionalize Teflon wire production team and the well-trained and experienced technicians, which ensure our products maintain in high quality and leading in the industry. We have professional Engineers who can explore and design all kinds of wires and cables in according to our clients' requirements.
    With the strong and comprehensive sales and marketing network, Dingzun Wire & Cable Group has been making every effort to develop and expand the domestic and international market úČEspecially,our international market share is growing rapidly. Our clients are over the countries with many products sale to USA, Europe and South East Asia. Our creative solutions, reliable quality and products had kept the relation between our clients and us steadily.
    Dingzun respects for their employees, strongly encourage them to develop personal development plans to guide their personal development goals and business development goals. In flourishing, thriving Dingzun the employeeí»s talents into full play, be well to achieve the ideal of individual, personal capacity to continuously improve the individualí»s realm of thought and sentiment continued sublimation. Dingzun has established a strategic vision, able to control the situation, for the enterprise business leaders led pilot team, an active-minded, strong foundation, the concept of innovation, cutting-edge technology to track time, can grasp and enrich the core technology of technical personnel, a study to make improvements power deep industry fire hard work and a dedicated staff team, good management means the application of modern management team.
    Our ancestors told us: care the world while you are better off , a strong sense of social responsibility urged Dingzun cable pursuit of the harmonious development with the environment, headed to become a leader in environmental friendly, safe and healthy aspect. In order to share with the next generation of bright and clean environment, we strictly comply with relevant legal requirements and regulations and develop environmental friendly materials through technological innovation. Dingzun will try our best for the survival of humanity and contribute to the nature.
Ding Zun Members' motto is Concentrate , Professional ; Sincere , Honest .We will achieve another success with you by excellent product quality,competitive price, in time and perfect service . It is said that it is a long way to succeed,but we will never give up.We will strictly adhere to their commitment,carry on the past and open a way for future.

Dingzun creed:To make products like life;
Dingzun philosophy:Treat people sincerely, quality Lixin;
Dingzun pursuit:Customer satisfaction is always first;
Dingzun goal:To help you become the industry supreme.
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